Friday, June 22, 2012

hiding tears...


I've been quite disappointed with my life lately, it has been full with tears :-( But I believe That Those hard I've been dealing with assumptions happen for a reason God willing, and God knows what's the best for His Creatures. oath not lie, I guess the next stop. Dah! can not stand very highly, but I just know myself well and I will not do stupid things just hurt myself that'll. May I'll be ok with these things hard ..

Oh by the way, I just got home from my friend, I work non-stop. that way I can get rid of all the problems that have . but. setiap kali doa dalam solat  mesti ada benda yg i never forgot.. .. Can not breathe!

Before I Forgot, I'm very busy. but I always wish you all well. .

 even though I do not explain it That Way too much CUS I'm Sleepy. My bed is calling me already haha. Till then, guys!

M.F.Z only tht can make me happy.. n can away to jannah... inyssllah.... n i always pray for u... n i dont want u know.. i need u... insyaallah..

thnks 4 all my frend.. always make me happy.. 
now i dont want have love in my <3 ... biarlah dia dtg ngn sendiri.. insyaallah..

A Fake Smile Can Hide Billion of Tears ...

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